About Robert Kevin Meyers

Robert Kevin Meyers was born on July 20, 1953, in Kansas City, Missouri. Raised by his mother - a commercial and fine artist - and his father, a lithographer, the arts played a major role in his life while being raised. Everyone in his family became artists.

After a full Pole Vaulting scholarship in 1975 as a 16'+ pole vaulter for the University of Hawaii, Robert began his art career as a muralist. From there he moved to the wild north country of Banff, Canada. He traveled and studied nature while painting for his first exhibitions.

Being mostly self-taught as a painter, his goal was to always focus on light. In 1980 he moved to Great Falls, Virginia, where he bought and transformed a pre-civil war log cabin to become his home and studio. Living 10 miles from the White House, he developed his style of painting that now is viewed in many corporate locations as well as private collections throughout the world.

Robert has been blessed to receive many experiences that he calls miracles. Each one has guided him to be aware of how and why he chose his path as an artist. Following are his views on the arts.

To me art is A Reliant Testimony that reveals the love of the soul.
Art is to change us and in at least some simple way
It must glorify God while reminding the viewer of Him.
To invoke the spiritual presence that is forever with us
is the basic responsibility of the artist.
I hope and pray that every piece of my art,
The Creator's light is seen and felt by everyone.
May the Holy Spirit lift us to a higher place,
And bring us back home to heaven's grace.