Sold/Donated Art

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A Journey To Dream

A Secret Place II

An Answer to Prayer

As The Veil is Lifted

Ascension In Heaven

Awake In His Glory

Before The Dawn

Dawn Tomorrow II

Echoes of Light

Every Knee Shall Bow . . . Isaiah 45:23

Firelight in the Northwest

Full Moon In The Rockies

Great Mysterious One

I Am

In Awe of His Glory

Infinite Spirit

Last Light I

Let There Be Light

Memories of The San Juans

Miracle of Earth

Moonlight Luminisim

Mystical-Moment II

New Hope

Passing Storm

Passing Storm II

Pathway of the Few

Prayer For Peace

Shores of Heaven

Silver Falls

Somewhere Above the Pacific

The Brilliance of the Sea

The Journey Is Forever

The Light of the World

The Pathway Home

The Sacrament of Yosemite

The Scent of Prayers

The Sigh of the Day

The Stillness of Winter

The Voice of the Sea


Where The Wilderness Begins

Wondrous Awakening